Treatment for Seizures & Neuromuscular Conditions in San Antonio, TX


Providing compassionate relief for these painful, difficult conditions with unsurpassed surgical and nonsurgical capabilities.

Nerve pain conditions can range from annoying and unpleasant to extraordinarily painful—and they often require a serious team effort between neurologists, neurosurgeons and physical therapists. We understand the difficulty you’ve faced, and if surgery can help your condition, our specialists are here to relieve your discomfort. Not only do we have extensive experience performing operations to help these complicated conditions, we can also get most people in for an appointment within 10 calendar days. Choosing Neurosurgery & Spine Consultants means faster relief and advanced, comfortable care from a team of highly trained specialists.


Treating your nerve pain and seizures with advanced, precise techniques to shorten your time in pain.

Let’s get this taken care of together. Here are just of few of the skull-based nerve conditions we treat:


Trigeminal Neuralgia

This condition can be quite painful. The trigeminal nerve carries sensation from your face to your brain, and when irritated, even small amounts of stimulation can cause shocking pain. If allowed to progress, bouts of pain can last for longer periods of time. Conservative care includes medications and injections (such as Botox®), which can suppress the nerve activity and provide relief.

If conservative treatments fail, minimally invasive surgery or radiosurgery can offer substantial relief. We use microsurgical techniques to move the blood vessels that are irritating the trigeminal nerve, removing the source of irritation. With Gamma Knife® radiosurgery, we can target the nerve using precise beams of radiation, relieving your pain without any incisions and minimal damage to nearby tissues. Finally, we can also perform a procedure called balloon rhizotomy, where we compress the trigeminal nerve with a small balloon.



Epilepsy is an incredibly complicated condition and often requires the ongoing care of a neurologist. However, when testing shows that your epilepsy originates from a well-defined area of the brain that doesn’t involve important functions, such as speech, surgery can provide relief. Our board-certified neurosurgeons can remove the part of the brain responsible for causing seizures. And if we can’t remove it, we can perform a different procedure that contains the seizures and stops them from spreading.

In addition to modifying the brain, we can install a vagal nerve stimulator under the skin on the chest. Through a wire wrapped around the vagus nerve, this device sends regular, mild pulses of electricity to the brain, preventing seizures.


Hemifacial Spasm

An irritation of your seventh cranial nerve can cause repetitive spasms or “tics” on one or sometimes both sides of the face. Although not usually painful, they can be quite uncomfortable and cause social duress. Using microsurgical techniques, our specialists can reposition the artery that’s irritating the nerve. We’ll enter through a tiny incision behind the ear, hiding your procedure from view and providing you lasting relief.


Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia

Characterized by severe pain in the tongue, throat, ear and tonsils that lasts from seconds to minutes. It usually arises in people after age 50, and the reason that the glossopharyngeal nerve becomes irritated is often unclear. However, we can still treat it using antiseizure medications, and in serious cases, we can perform a procedure to relieve pressure from the nerve.




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