Analyzing Your Scoliosis X-Ray: Our Approach

Analyzing Your Scoliosis X-Ray: What We Look For

Here at Neurosurgery & Spine Consultants, we analyze many cases of scoliosis and provide excellent treatment options for your condition. We take a very detailed look at all aspects of your back and spine area to determine the next best steps when you’re seeking analysis and treatment of your scoliosis condition. Altogether, we have some of the best medical professionals and surgeons who are willing to go above and beyond the standard protocol when it comes to ensuring your scoliosis condition is addressed properly. Read on to discover more about how we analyze your scoliosis x-rays and what we can do to help ensure your condition does not progress any further, while also potentially reversing the effects.

The Importance of X-Rays in Diagnosing Your Scoliosis

From our first, initial consultation; you’ll find our approach to analyzing scoliosis x-rays is different. By different, we mean much more involved and our attention to detail is what really sets us apart from other practices. We want to analyze your shoulders for unevenness, we look for tilting of the waist where one side is higher than the other, and we even analyze your rib cage to see if there’s an uneven protrusion occurring where one side of the rib cage is more prominent than the other. All of these visual inspections pair well with our actual analysis of your scoliosis x-ray.

How Our X-Ray Machine is Different from Others

When we first have your scoliosis x-rays taken, we’ll ask you to attempt to touch your toes while kneeling over to see the true alignment of your spine in its best position for analysis. From there, our x-ray machine utilizes 36-inch x-ray film which allows us to see your entire spine, all at once. How great is that? We think so too. From there, we’ll be able to see all of the potential areas which require improvement. We prefer to take the least invasive, nonsurgical approaches first. This methodology allows us to see how your body responds to everything from physical therapy, to back bracing, to nonsurgical pain management (injections). All of these approaches are better suited for cases of scoliosis, where there’s very rarely life-threatening conditions present. If however, there’s an extreme worsening in your scoliosis which is progressing over time, you’ll want to consider surgical options to prevent the condition from progressing to an irreversible state. We can assist with this matter by performing a minimally invasive, spinal fusion procedure to prevent further curvature, thus reducing your chances of encountering severe, progressive back pain in the future.

Choosing Neurosurgery & Spine Consultants for Your Scoliosis X-Ray

When you choose Neurosurgery & Spine Consultants for your scoliosis x-ray analysis, you’re trusting us to provide you with thorough feedback, excellent analyses, and proper solutions which can help you overcome your scoliosis condition. Feel free to contact us using the button below to learn more about how we can potentially help your scoliosis condition and have you back on track to wellness in due time. We look forward to hearing from you soon and are eager to have your scoliosis condition resolved as soon as possible.

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