Can Physical Therapy Help Spine Pain?

When you’re struggling with acute or chronic spine pain, it can be tempting to stay in one place all day—however that’s only a prescription for more pain. The best thing to do is get up and get moving despite how unappealing it may sound. In fact, regular exercise and physical therapy is one of the best ways to help relieve spine pain.

Physical therapy is used to treat disease, injury or pain by physical methods like stretching, massage, heat treatment and exercise—rather than by medications or surgery. The goal of physical therapy is to make every day activities, like walking and climbing stairs, easier.

For those who struggle with chronic back or spine pain (e.g., pain lasting three to six months or more), physical therapy is often recommended to decrease pain, increase function and help prevent future recurrences. NSC’s in-house Physical Therapy team collaborates with your doctors to ensure that each treatment plan is individualized to meet your goals. You will be surrounded by the entire NSC team to ensure a fast and full recovery.

How does physical therapy decrease spine pain?

Physical or manual therapy is performed by a skilled physical therapist and involves slow, measured movements to twist, pull or push discs, joints and bones into position. Over time, these techniques can help lengthen your spine, stretch your muscles and improve your flexibility. Massage and manipulation are also used to help relax your muscles, increase circulation and ease pain in your soft tissues. Your physical therapist will also teach you specific stretching exercises you can do at home to help alleviate spine, back and neck pain and stiffness.

What is the best type of exercise or physical therapy to help with spine pain?

Aerobic activities like jogging, walking or using a stationary bike are all light exercises that have been shown to decrease back and spine pain. However, each person’s pain is unique so it’s important to work with an experienced physical therapist to determine which exercises are right for you.

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